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Our story

We started Svenska Good Medical AB in 2009 with the idea to provide high-quality Swedish-made and self-produced products that are designed and protected via intellectual property rights by Swedish Good Medical AB. We value our customers and longlasting relationships and one of our most important values is that our products are being made in Sweden and are environmentally friendly.  

We value our customers

Our manufacturing and technical processes provide you with the highest quality and value oriented solutions. Our Medical Excellence processes and culture guides us in all aspects of our medical business. This approach allows us to focus on quality combined with consistent, lean and efficient delivery to better serve you and your patients.


This is achived through in-house design and manufacturing by selected suppliers in Sweden. Svenska Good Medical AB is certified according to ISO13485:2016.

Made in Sweden

Due to our products being made in Sweden, it provides good control over production and material selection, which results in stable prices as it reduces currency risks.

Environmentally friendly

We always offer the most environmentally friendly materials available on the market at our manufacture. A key word for us is that the products should be 100 % recyclable as far as possible. Also by having our manufacture in Sweden, we reduce our transport costs.

Our Team

Anders Good

Mobile: +46 703 22 66 93
Direct: +46 31 755 90 09
Jeta Grainca

Jeta Grainca

Area Manager
Direct: +46 31 755 90 02

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